Monday, March 21, 2011

Will ~ Paula Scher ~ Typography&Posters

'Less is more unless its less' ~ Paula Scher

When Scher first began poster design there were no font books or computer based font archives, she was forced design her own and to source styles from history books, antique stores or historical areas in relation to the specific poster she designed. So when Scher first came onto the scene with her fresh new approach to typography within her poster work she quickly became famous in New york within the design community and eventually a style recognizable by the NYC public, to the point where her typography was coppied and used for a particular purpose or style.
The following images are perfect examples of Schers contribution and style to typography. Her main area was poster work for the arts in NYC which were loud and cluttered and extremely effective. Scher incorporates scale and space into consideration. she uses the text to fit tight onto the page as it creates a slight tension that reinforces the message.


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