Monday, March 21, 2011

Justine Barratt - Timba Smits

A total traditionalist, and lover of things from the past.

Timba Smits known as the vintage guy, and self confessed magazine whore. Timba has a background is in fine art and illustration. Has a deep rooted passion and feel for typography, magazine layouts and book design. 2006 he started ‘Wooden Toy magazine’ a free skate culture mag, Timba wanted to make a magazine that looked paid-for but give it away free His style is detailed, nostalgic and textured with a hand-made approach taking inspiration from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and combining them with modern techniques and mediums. Kind of an old meets new approach.

Woooden Toy magazine is possibly the most design heavy print magazine, a culmination of the amazing talent, people and ideas that Timba see on a daily basis around him. It is a catalog of the progressive nature of worldwide creative culture. It started in 2006 born from a love of magazines, art, photography, type and youth culture. It was released during a moment when Timba found himself searching for something that didn’t exist in other publications at that particular time, well not in Melbourne at the time .

A magazine with no boundaries, no set template, a freedom of speech and a focus on its production just as much as what it was saying through it’s editorial. Timba’s philosophy behind the brand is to document and highlight the creatives that have in some way been influenced by youth, street culture and art while drawing in the creatives that we think can be, and are an influence and inspiration to creative cultures future progression and presenting this as a lifestyle that cannot be separated from a love of brilliant photography, street art, illustration and some of the best graphic designed layouts you’ve ever touched.

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