Monday, March 7, 2011

Debbie - Milton Glaser Posters

This was a wildly used image by Sony. A poster inspired by a brilliant headline: "Full Color Sound." "Sometimes words trigger the visual imagination in a powerful way" said Milton Glaser. The image owes a debt to Magritte, one of Milton Glaser's all time favorite sources of ideas.

The poster above was created by Milton Glaser. He wanted a poster that wasn't the usual rectangular shape, and by using the perspective of the grid created the appearance of 3D, as the product appears to be jumping out of the page towards you. He also liked to make his posters appear to have a folded over corner, to move away from the average rectangular poster. Only when studying the poster closely could you tell that it was only an optical illusion.

By the late 1960s his forms had become flatter and more brightly coloured, inspired by Pop and Op art (e.g. Mahalia Jackson poster, offset lithograph, 1967; New York, MOMA), and he also restyled a number of American and European journals in this more contemporary manner. He often created posters for musicians and concerts. Creating many memorable posters and album covers for many famous musicians, including Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley.

The above poster was made to promote New York Magazine, which was founded by Clay Felker and Milton Glaser in 1968.

Saratoga Performing Arts Center
A benevolent Satyr became the subject for a series of musical events.


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