Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mike Svoboda

Milton Glaser
5 Logo designs

The DC Bullet comic book graphic was used from 1977-2005, actually created by Glaser in 1976. However in 2005 its since been replaced by the "DC" letters against a saturn-like ring in a dimensional rendering

I LOVE NY designed for the New York State Department Of
Commerce in 1973. A tourist campaign symbol that became
the most frequently imitated logo design in human history.
Glaser was in the back of a yellow taxi in Manhattan when he
experienced the "EUREKA" moment that would define his life.
He pulled a red crayon from his pocket, began to sketch on the
back of an envelope: First an "I" then the simple outline of a
heart, followed by two letters "N" and "Y".

Windows On The World
A Restaurant on the 10th floor of the World Trade
Center. He designed ever aspect.

In 1987 it began with the logo itself which was intended
to produce a reference to the old Brooklyn Dodgers
a baseball team, before they decamped for Los Angeles

Milton was responsible for the graphic design,
theming, and signage for Franklin Mills. A
retail mall in Philadelphia (1986-89).


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