Monday, March 21, 2011

Will ~ Paula Scher {Logos}

Lincoln Jazz centre logo design by Scher.

In 1994 Paula Scher developed the brand identity for the Public Theater that pushed the norm with its playful, bold typography.

Paula Scher drew the original napkin sketch nine years ago. Paula "For Citi Bank I wanted to bleed the logo all over everything after we designed it. The Citi Bank logo is completely intellectual. It was a marriage of the Traveller’s umbrella and the word Citi to create an umbrella in the middle of the word. he emotional part of it came in the application of how they handled their secondary blue. They used to use it just as a band. I always called that type and stripe when a corporation takes a typeface and sticks a band down the side of everything to make it look the same. So I spent two and a half years selling a logo and trying to get this company to accept the notion of the expansiveness of this blue. Slowly and gradually we’re beginning to introduce it everywhere.

The Philharmonic’s institutional identity has a built-in flexibility that can accommodate the varied needs of the organization. The two elements—the circular wordmark and the line graphic—may appear together or apart, in multiples, rotated or layered, to create patterns of line and shape. The line of the baton may be used as a decorative motif or to set apart blocks of information. The system uses a strong, bold color palette that can be updated seasonally and is paired with elegant black and white photography of the musicians.

The Art Directors Club is one of the most concentrated groups of creative talent in the world, and is a gathering place for leaders in visual communication.


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