Monday, March 21, 2011

Mike Svoboda

Sagmeister Typography

Images from his book (Things i have learned so far)

While alot of designers and artists use Modernism, very slick
and high polished work. Sagmeister's work standsout, alot
of the time being handmade, human touched and Haptic.
(manipulation of objects using the sense of touch and
proprioception). Having durations of unhappiness in
changing of styles all the time, Stefan had this period where
he thought you can never re-use anything and always doing
a new style for everything. Saying further, "That basically
proved impossible, besides you are in danger of just ripping
different styles off, therefor I was happy to explore that hand
made typography idea a bit further. I absolutly don't think
each project calls for different strategies not just content-
wise but also form-wise". -Sagmeister-

Stefan Using Haptic Style

At the opening of our exhibition at Deitch Projects in New York we featured a wall of 10,000 bananas. Green bananas created a pattern against a background of yellow bananas spelling out the sentiment: Self-confidence produces fine results. After a number of days the green bananas turned yellow too and the type disappeared. When the yellow background bananas turned brown, the type (and the self-confidence) appeared again, only to go away when all bananas turned brown.

Deitch Projects, Banana Wall

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