Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tibor Kalman logos (Luca De Michele)

One of the most famous logo all over the world
that Tibor Kalman did is the one for “Colors”.
Italian Luciano Benetton and OlivieroToscani founded this magazine in 1991;purpose of it was the expression through image.
Was sold in 40 countries in 4 languages. Two particular publications attracted the world public: issue number 4 and issue number 7.

Issue number 4 was released in 1993, covering
the topic of race and created an international
outcry by the controversial and “sexy” picture.

Issue number 7 was released in 1994 covering the AIDS manner in a straightforward way, something that other form of media had been willing to do until that time.
Speaking about culture, abortion, race, AIDS, Colors became important all over the world.

Tibor also design two covers for the band “Talking heads” (from the
albums –Remain in light- and –Naked-)

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