Monday, March 14, 2011

Debbie- Milton Glaser Magazines & Music Albums

In 1983 he founded the company WBMG, a studio dedicated to magazine and newspaper design work, with Walter Bernard (former art director of ‘time’). since its inception, they have designed more than 50 magazines, newspapers and periodicals around the world : among them ‘la vanguardia’ in barcelona,‘o globo’ in rio de janeiro, l’espresso in rome ‘the washington post',‘money’, the french ‘the nation’, ‘paris match’, ‘l´express’,‘esquire’,‘jardin des modes’, and ‘business tokyo’ in Japan.

Milton Glaser was also responsible for identity programs for more than a few labels, and, in the case of Poppy and Tomato, created a distinctive visual signature for most everything those businesses sent out into the world.

Milton Glaser was responsible for most of the blues and roots albums as the main creative force behind tomato records. These not only included Louis Armstrong, Nina Simone and many other famous blues musicians as well as designing tomato records many completion albums.

Milton Glaser is still designing new album covers today at the the age of 82yrs old, including Vanessa Hudgens album cover.

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