Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mike Svoboda

Stefan Sagmeister
5 Posters

Poster for a design exhibit in Zurich, depicting Stefan Sagmeister and Matthias Ernstberger wearing suits. These suits represent charts showing the number of times any of there design pieces have been pictured in design magazines, catalogs and annuals. Over the years the Lou Reed poster has been shown 101 times, (so it is shown largest) while the Anni Kuan broc
hure has been pictured only 7 times, which makes it the smallest.

A part of the 2010 marketing campaign for Levi's 501, the "Button Fly Poster" featured a giant common house fly in mosaic with none other than Levi Strauss and Co. buttons large and small. It won the top honors at the prestigious international poster Biennale in Warsaw.

Poster for AIGA lecture in Cranbrook, Michigan, 1999. Sagme
ister had the words carved into his skin with an X-acto knife by his assistant to try and visualize the pain that accompanies each of his design projects. Sunning himself on a beach the following summer, he noticed traces of the poster text rising in pink as his flesh tanned.

Apostrophe Poster

This was part of a series of punctuation symbols, where each symbol was celebrated on a poster designed by a different designer. It wound up with the apostrophe, whos job it is to eliminate a letter. Hence the warm gun...

This poster for an exhibit in Chaumont, France features all the people who had a significant influence on his work. They were all handpainted by tourist illustrators found in New York's Central park.


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