Monday, March 14, 2011

David Carson Magazine - SAM

David Carson
"father of grunge."

David's first work in magazines began with art directing Transworld Skateboarding, then a stint at How magazine (a trade magazine aimed at designers) followed,
and soon Carson was hired by publisher Marvin Scott Jarrett to design Ray Gun,
a magazine of international standards which had music and lifestyle as its subject. Founded in 1992, Carson served as Art Director of the publication for three years, popularizing an extremely experimental use of type and imagery that enraged some and wowed many. Carson is known to an entire generation of designers in the 90's as the mad genius behind the infamous Ray Gun magazine, His work also extends well beyond that, notably in the design and art direction of
publications as varied as Metropolis, Aspen, Armani, Trip, Skateboarding and Surfer.
Now his most recent magazine work would be Creative Directing his own magazine "C A R S O N", it's printed bi-monthly and is dedicated to quality in design, fine art, illustration, photography and writing.

In the music industry Carson is most well-known for his Nine Inch Nails album artwork fr
om the album "The Fragile".



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