Monday, March 14, 2011

Mike Svoboda

I wanted to show this particular piece actually done by James Victore, to show the influence Sagmeister has in the industry. Using the style of Stefan's AIGA Lecture Poster, rather than carving the text in the skin, what may or may not be shoe polish, Victore tried to give the lettering some energy, with varying sizes and styles of lettering, even underlining a sentence and leaving a scrawled-out word.

Mountains of madness ( 1994 )

Album cover for H. P. zinker. when the album is removed from the transparent red case the facial expression dramatically changes. who says you can’t create actual motion and emotion in print design?. This same format was applied to the Sagmeister Inc. Business cards.

Sagmeister depicted David Byrne as a plastic GI Joe-style doll on the cover of Feelings.

One of his trickiest assignments was for the Rollings Stones 1997 Bridges to Babylon album and tour. Sagmeister struggled to persuade the band’s management to accept his motif of a lion inspired by an Assyrian sculpture in the British Museum. Also the astrological sign of the Rolling Stones’ lead singer, Mick Jagger (a Leo), the lion doubled as an easily reproducible motif for tour merchandise.

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