Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Milton Glaser (Luca De Michele)

Milton Glaser born in June 1926 in New York.

He frequented the High school of music and art in New York and through a scholarship the academy of fine art in Bologna, Italy.

"Push Pin" is a studio started in 1954 formed by Glaser and many his classmates after school. Characteristic of this studio is the design of the "passè" (past style), while it, introduced with a contemporaney design including books, records covers, posters and logos.

While he was in the studio, he also founded with Clay Felker the “NY magazine” in 1968. As Glaser left Pin Studio, in 1974, he create “Milton Glaser INC”. He is famous for creating the logo “I love NY”, for the department of commence in New York in 1973.

He has designed and illustrated more than 300 posters like: for CBS records, a poster with the face of Bob Dylan in 1966 (for music industry), poster for the Aspen Winternational (for sport industry) in 1986, for “TABA”, the celebration of American books (for books industry) in 1980, “image of “Labor” (for political industry).

In 1983 with Walter Bernard founded the company WBMG, a studio dedicated to magazine and newspapers design work.

From the starting of his career, Glaser has been a member of education communities and he taught at the school of visual art in NY.

For him, drawing is always been the fundamental way of looking thing. Describe drawing like a way of encountering reality.

“First we have to learn to draw accurately, then we can express ourselves” he sad.

The biggest challenge, he sad, is not getting bored or disinterested in what you are doing and maintain your personal vision and sense of appropriateness.

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