Friday, March 4, 2011

Shane_OLIVIERO TOSCANI_Words of Wizdom pt.3


No one, for sure, can deny Toscani's ability to grab your attention. Shocking is again how many are describing his latest creation, a billboard and newspaper campaign for an Italian clothing line that features a stark photograph of a naked anorexic woman. On Friday, the image was summarily banned by Italy's advertising watchdog, citing infringements on the organization's code of conduct for exploiting an illness for publicity purposes. Toscani told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that he would sue for damages. On a recent afternoon at his office outside of Pisa, before the ban was announced, he was still absorbing the initial outrage that had ensued, from both fashion executives and those suffering from an eating disorder. Dressed in jeans and a blue checkered shirt, Toscani is a big man with a square jaw who doesn't sit still, something of an even more hyper Jack Nicholson. He neither casts off nor takes too seriously the criticisms, including the accusation that the outcry is exactly what he's aiming for. "Sure, you want to get people's attention. This is communication," he says. "But I still can't understand why people are shocked by something that obviously exists. It's like in a family that always avoids talking about its real problems.",8599,1673663,00.html

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