Monday, March 14, 2011

Milton Glaser Magazine (Luca De Michele)

Glaser had a long professional relationship with Irish label “the Poppy”. Glaser produced several posters for the company, like the Poppy Foot for Townes Van Zandt and The Mandrake Memorial, Poppy Gives Thanks, and From Poppy With Love.

Several years later, Eggers, (whom funded the Poppy) founded the Utopia label and he call again Milton for design a cover. He came out with the Utopia horizon logo.

Eggers, later on, founded the Tomato label, which was populated with classical, jazz, and blues artists, plus various other artist and he ask again to Glaser a cover.

In 1983, Glaser designed the logo for Asylum Records:

Finally, Glaser’s logo for Bud Prager’s Phantom Records

In 1968, Glaser and Clay Felker founded New York magazine, where Glaser was president and design director until 1977.
Milton Glaser was the person who redesigned the French magazine Paris Match". In 1983 Milton Glaser and Walter Bernard founded WBMG, a firm specializing in designing magazines and newspapers, including "La Vanguardia" in Barcelona, "L'Espresso" in Rome, "The Washington Post" in Washington, DC, "Money", and "Business Tokyo".

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