Monday, March 14, 2011

Irene - M Vignelli's Contribution to Magazine

Magazine Design by Massimo Vignelli's means:
  • to control the emotions of the reader by manipulating the visual content
  • pacing the images
  • playing with the white space
  • choosing the most apprpriate typeface and size
  • scaling the pictures to obtain the desired effect

A + U Architectural Magazine (1990, 1997)
Architecture and Urbanism (A+U) is one of the best architectural magazines in the world. In 1990, Vignelli designed the magazine graphic format, simple and easy to implement along their guidelines which was excellent for several years. In 1996 a new cover was designed with a vertical band and carried the same inside the magazine, to separate different projects.

Zodiac (1989)
This architectural magazine, Zodiac published in Italy (1957 to 1963) and was designed a new format for the reborn series, where each story was laid out according to its content, but always employing the magazine's basic grid and type format.

Architectural Record Magazine (1982)
For several years the issue of " Architectural Record" magazine was based on a grid system to assure consistency and continuity of design, quality and to achieve speed of production.

Oppositions (1973-1984)
This was an esoteric magazine published by the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies. The magazine had more words than pictures which Vignelli resisted pressures to change the color of the cover from issue to issue, because they wanted to achieve strong chromotype for the magazine's which eventually became the red cover of Oppositions and became the real banner for the Institute.

Industrial Design (1967-1970)
"Industrial Design" was the first magazine design by Vignelli in the US based on a grid format, which was unusual at that time, so this was a became an opportunity to explore new ground.

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