Monday, February 28, 2011

DAvid CArSon LoGo'S

Color is yellow because it’s a part of rebranding work for Western Union. Western Union helps you provide for your loved ones almost anywhere in the world. Whether it's for education, healthcare or groceries, we offer Consumer-to-Consumer Money-Transfer Services to get resources to members of your family quickly.

Carson has been working in conjunction with the MagicSeaweed team to evolve a logo that really reflects the nature of the site. The logo that David has designed, pictured above, is firmly rooted in the aesthetics of the ocean. For instance, in David's own words, the 's' helps to create the motion of the sea, even the fold of a wave. The logo also has practical aspects. Recognisable both up close and from a distance, and is useable in all sizes. According to David, placing one letter on its side bring a pleasant tension, drawing the viewer into the logo and the site. The new logo goes live this week, making MagicSeaweed even more recognisable as the unique resource that it is.

Carvers ski shop is based in Brekenridge, Colorado, it is a full service Ski and SnowboardShop, Specializing in Ski and Snowboard rentals, Sales and tuning.

For consumer, commercial, and industrial applications, Innovasource improves the places where you work and live with innovative and effective products.

"The Hamilton wood type and printing museum" Is based in Wisconsin U.S. Operated by volunteers of the Two Rivers Historical Society, the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum is the only museum dedicated to the preservation, study, production and printing of wood type. With 1.5 million pieces of wood type and more than 1,000 styles and sizes of patterns, Hamilton's collection is one of the premier wood type collections in the world.


  1. a few of these logos are unfamilar to me. have a look at latest venture carson magazine. i really like magicseaweed logo

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