Monday, February 28, 2011

David Carson - LOGOS - SAM


David is most well known for his work with RayGun magazine, unique typography
and advertising for some of the largest companies in the world, He also done some minimal logo work.
After researching his logo work I found that his clients weren't as well-known or as popular as his advertising/tv commercial work but was still intriguing and as experimental as always.

These clients include - the Dali Museum, Carvers Ski Shop,, innovasource,
The House of Blues, and

He has also contributed some rebranding work for Western Union.

His work for the house of blues and -

"Logo design lies within the larger field of graphic design. According to many industry experts, logo design is considered to be the most difficult part of graphic design. The reason that logo design is so much more difficult than many other areas of graphic design is because a company logo is not just an image. Instead, a logo is an embodiment of an
organization. Therefore, a professional logo design team must possess an extremely high level of skills in several different areas. According to several sources, there are a handful of general guidelines which dictate the process of most logo designs."

Sources -


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  2. excellent post. not all links active

  3. Awesome!! Very inspiring, this is going to be my dose of creativity for today, I liked them all, especially first one.
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