Monday, February 28, 2011



Describing himself as a ‘visual jackdaw’, Alan Fletcher distilled a brilliantly witty and inimitable exploration of such subjects as perception, colour, pattern, proportion, paradox, illusion, language, alphabets, words, letters, ideas, creativity, culture, style, aesthetics and value.

Designed in 1965 Reuters 'dot 'logo is made up of 84 dots and is inspired by
teleprinter t
ape rather than ticker tape, as some believe.

The ABB cross-haired logo is the primary visual symbol of the ABB brand. It symbolizes ABB's strong heritage and the forward-looking solutions that they provide. The ABB logo is also a trademark with worldwide protection. Used mostly in combination with the claim "Power and productivity for a better world", it is used prominently and consistently across all ABB's communications.

His mixed media pastiche style helped Alan Fletcher to built up a formidable body of work and was behind many masterpieces such as the iconic V&A logo:

The V&A logo is such an iconic design and recognized by people all over the world. It was designed in 1989 and even though the idea of joining the ampersand and the 'a' together is so simple it remains timeless and still as appealing as when it was invented in '89. The simplicity is genius and shows Fletchers extraordinary gift for working with simple shapes.

One of the most influential figures in post-war British graphic design, Alan Fletcher had a brief stint in Milan where he worked for Pirelli and created this witty, playful ad titled: “piu chilometri” or “more kilometers” - one of the many benefits of owning Pirelli tires. Fletcher returned to London in 1959 with Pirelli as a client and in 1962 opened Fletcher/Forbes/Gill.


  1. nice post wirth relevant info and images. did fletcher design pirelli logo or just ads?